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Zafara Princess
"Ulch! I felt all slimy. Thanks!"

105 Castle Secrets
"And if you press this button, all the toilets on the second floor magically flush!"

Zafara Double Agent
Beware of those who betray their masters---they might betray you, too.

Yellow Zafara
"I'm gonna get you, little fishy!"

Red Zafara
With those powerful hind legs, Zafaras can jump just about anywhere!

Ring of Weightlessness
Eat all you want and still lose weight!

Achy Head
"I feel funny..."

Safety Deposit Box
One hundred percent protection against sludging rays, pant devils and database glitches.

Boots of Jumping
"The conversation was thrilling gentlemen, but I really must run."

Faerie Dust
"Going undercover is one thing, but did you really have to make me brown and smelly?"

Castle Sanctuary
"They're here! Run for your lives!"

Flying Potion
Kayla took the king's request a little too literally.

"If only Kauvara could see me now!"

Petpet Growth Syrup
They knew Kayla would shout at them for messing with her experiments, but it just tasted sooo yummmy.

The Sleeper
"Asleep no more, and free from her tomb,
Neopia now faces certain doom"

Protect the Village
"Over my dead body, Kass."
"Why, that's the idea, old friend."

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