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Information for this page is still being researched.
If you know any further information, such as dates of changes, please email us! We would also like to get all of the pose images for the previous Zafara versions. We would also like to interview the original chanii1234, and get their take on the Zafara evolution!

The Zafara was originally designed by chanii1234 for a "Design a Pet" contest. It was introduced into Neopia on May 25, 2000. It's not known where the name came from, but a book about the first Giraffe seen by Europeans is called "Zarafa"...note the spelling. The regular "Happy" pose does have more of a smile.

See more first history/generation Zafaras.

Redrawn without the gradient-fill. Look at all those spikes!

See more second history/generation Zafaras.

A complete redraw was introduced on February 27, 2001, just 9 months after being introduced.

See more third history/generation Zafaras.

The Zafara as we know it today. The huge reflection on the eye was toned down a bit. When the Christmas Zafara was introduced, the artist didn't notice that the spikes should be inside the wings!
The previous ranged attack pose. The current ranged attack pose becomes more dynamic.
The previous close attack pose. The current close attack pose becomes much more dynamic!

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