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The Zafara Without Spikes - by zia2000 As Told By Child Dragon - by child_dragon
Barak's Journal - by hadez_nymph After Rain Comes Sunshine - by zhb27
Maki and the Amulet - Discovery - by starhamster42 The Zafara Assassin
The Zafara Assassin - Dreams of Shadows
The Zafara Assassin - Upon the Wings of Fate
The Zafara Assassin - First Test
The Zafara Assassin - Darkness and Light
All by meratocat
Flo - by shelleylow Time Twisters - by too_kule
Golden Christmas - by shelleylow The Sunshine Violin - by guild member articuno_neo
Twisted Promises - by rosethorn20_2 The Lady Knights - by nighthawk_moonshadow
United as One - by arden_starr Loop's Search - by moonstar_cutie67
Storm Eyes - by allhailtheprincess Merogan, Lupe Warrior - by shadyy15
The Light Faeries Apprentice - by neo_star_queen Four Pets and a Neopian Times Submission - by precious_katuch14
Kaden's Gift - by playmobil_is_my_life Arkados and Zor - by sirussblack
Decisions, Friendships And A Difficult Question - by blubblub317 For the Love of Slorgs - by lemonkitty13
I Promise - by playmobil_is_my_life Change of Tune - by twirlsncurls5
Second Chance: MaltaAre's Tale - by starhamster42

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