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The glorious Zafara is introduced on May 25, 2000. Zafaras have 3 spikes on their back, no more, no less.

Source: Current default Pet Page.

Zafaras have two fingers and a thumb on their arms, and big feet with 3 toes

Source: Neopets Zafara pet image.

Zafaras have a wicked sense of adventure!

Source: Current default pet page.

Zafaras don't like violence, but put up a good fight if provoked.

Source: ?

Once not all Zafaras lived happily together.
There was a time when a great war divided them.
That war, its cause and effects are all detailed in this hefty tome.

Source: Book, "The Zafara War".

Zafaras bring you good luck.

Source: Neopets Zafara pet description.

Did you know that Zafaras are actually very talented musicians?

Source: Book, "Zafara Music"

Who says Zafaras aren't DYNAMIC!
Just take a look at their battle poses.
Zafaras are the first species to be painted ROYAL!
"With those powerful hing legs, Zafaras can jump just about anywhere!"

Source: Red Zafara TCG

Zafaras seem to like fish and are good at catching them with their bare hands??

Source: Yellow Zafara TCG

"Beware those who betray their masters - they might betray you, too."

Source: Zafara Double Agent TCG

Zafaras are one of the oldest pets in Neopia
and they did a lot to help shape the Neopian civilization
into what we know today.

Source: Book "Zafara Lore"

Zafaras love a good mystery! Source: Zafara Mystery Collection

Source: Book "Zafara Detective"

There have been many great Zafara artists in history?

Source: Book "Zafara Art"

There are lots of great Zafara stories in the New Neopian Times. Zafaras like ice cream.

Source: Zafara Shopkeeper

Meet Dun Ringill, the original Pirate Zafara.
Hopefully we'll get a Pirate Paint Brush for Zafaras soon!
Neopets released the Zafara Pirate Paint Brush on Pirate Day, 2004!
The current Zafara was introduced February 27, 2001. Let's hope they stay this way! Zafaras love sugar doughnuts!

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

Zafaras have a hearing range beyond any other pet in Neopia

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

"Although their sense of smell isn't too great,
they can still pick up the scent of sugar donuts!"

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

"Their protective fins help their defensive moves during a fight."

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

"Long believed to be lucky, the zafara foot was a treasured item long ago."
Possibly a reason for the Zafara War?

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

"For a good whipping in the battledome." A Zafara's tails is a good weapon.

Source: Original default Zafara pet's page.

The 2004 Advent Calendar featured a
Red Zafara!
On Christmas Eve of 2004, Neopets produced the
Greatest Advent Calendar Animation ever!
February 3rd is ZAFARA DAY!

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