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Casting Call for the new Zafara Roleplay

Several years ago, a small group of Zafaras traveled into an uncharted forest, searching for a rare plant that was said to have the ability to cure all sickness. Many believed that the "good luck" Zafaras often brought upon others was the reason they were chosen to enter the forest over any other species. For you see, everyone else had a great fear of this place.

In present day, the expedition was thought to be a failure. The group never returned, and for many, this tarnished the Zafara's good name and reputation. Now a new group of Zafaras wish to travel into the now "forbidden" forest themselves, and restore what was lost by finding this magical plant. However, little do they know what truly awaits them.

Come join the Zafara Roleplay in the forum - you can even join after it's started!

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